Our Boat

It is an high specification Amphibious coastal landing craft 48 Passenger  / Light Cargo aluminium boat, built 2009, built with the latest safety regulations.  It is not a city street based Dukw type boat. It has a wide 3.8m beam to give a good safety "Stability Book" and a "freeboard" (deck above water) of 0.7m approx and 6 individually sealed holds for floatation.   The vessel type is used in France for coastal commercial shellfish and tourism. It is 38 feet (11.63m) long and 12 feet (3.8m) beam approx. Each wheel is driven by hydraulic motor plus differential lock. There is a wheelchair friendly toilet. It can be transported by road. Seats can be removed. Roof can be opened.
 It was designed by Dutch Naval Architect – Hugo Van Der Zwan.
It is environmentally friendly. There is no external exhaust going into the water and engine is air cooled.
Can use commercially. A crane may be added. It can drive beside a truck to take a pallet etc. Roof and sides could be removed by light engineering.
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